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Community Audio
by RnD Media Labs
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Keep safe in traffic and on the road! This episode seems to have turned into a vehicles episode. We chat about modifying brake lights on motorcycles, trucks on skateboards, the size of a bike, and the general operating mechanics of hovercraft. Check out our blog for the complete list of resources from this episode.
Topics: how do i?, brainstorming, projects, motorcycle, brake light, led, leds, longboard, skate trucks,...
Community Video
by Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Driver's education film created in 1950 and released in 1951. National Archives description: "TRAINING FILM: On driving techniques in unfavorable situations. Howto drive a car in rain, snow, sleet, fog or any condition requires alertness, adjusting headlights, using chains, using second gear, and in some cases rocking the car to get out of rough spots. Keep the car in good running condition with gas, oil, and water. Do not drive car when you are tired. Pull over and get rest."...
Topics: Traffic safety, Training Film, Automobile driver education